• General Maintenance
    Maintain daily pressure drop readings on graph
    Keep bag location replacement chart
    Watch for consistent bag failures and retain typical bag for inspection
    Retain bags that have unusual or noncharacteristic failures
    Maintain an adequate supply of bags, cages and Diffusers to avoid costly production delays
  • Daily Maintenance
    Check pressure drop across baghouse
    Check header air pressure
    Drain header
    Check air lock for operation and leaks
    Rap hopper with rubber hammer to avoid bridging and build up
    Visually inspect stack
    Check temperature gauges (know bag limitations: temperature)
  • Weekly Maintenance
    Inspect tubesheet for dust accumulation, corrosion and evidence of condensation
    Visually inspect bags for blinding, leakage and wear. When possible perform Trace-It leak detection test
    Check timer control for operation and proper pulse sequence and duration
    Clean pressure gauge taps with compressed air
    Check foundation bolts, housings and belts on fans and motors
    Check inlet air flow into baghouse