Staclean Smart-Parts Package

Overseas shipping of fully assembled dust collectors – or even the unassembled plenums with the hopper and other related equipment items – can be very expensive. Staclean developed the idea of Smart-Parts to reduce the space required on maritime freight shipments, and therefore reduce the cost.

By providing Smart-Parts, Staclean makes it possible to ship application-specific dust collector technology with some of the more highly specialized pieces needed for fabrication. This containerized package includes detailed drawings that allow local shops to fabricate a Staclean-designed dust collector using locally-sourced and more cost effective sheet metal and formed pieces.

The Smart-Parts container is fully customizable to meet your specific needs and can include a tubesheet, stiffeners, pulsepipes with mounting brackets, and complete pulse headers with pulse valves installed. It can include couplings selected for the application along with instructions for installation.

The Smart-Parts container can also include filter bags, cages, diffusers, rotary-airlocks, and fans that we have designed especially for the application. We can also ship proper instrumentation like pulse timers, gauges, and level indicators. Our team takes great care in protecting each piece and packaging the container to ensure that the components arrive undamaged.

The Staclean Smart-Parts Package has resulted in many successful installations all over the world.

Staclean Smart-Parts Package