Staclean Flip-Top-Lid Pleated Bag Bin Vent

The ultimate low cost, high performance,
easy to install silo bin vent with flip-top-lid

A size 9-3.2-BDS Staclean silo bin vent with pleated bags and flip-top-lid contains 240 sq. ft. of effective cloth area and is designed to handle 1000 CFM at 70˚F, with an air-to-cloth ratio of 4.15 to 1 and an upward can velocity of 173 feet per minute.

bin vent

Pleated Bags with Diffuser Core

Each bag has 45 pleats and is 100% spunbond polyester, designed to withstand a maximum operating temperature of 200˚F. It fits a 6.25″ diameter tubesheet hole, is 36″ long, contains 26.7 sq. ft. of effective cloth area, and can be easily removed from the top of a tubesheet.

Preassembled, Prepiped & Prewired

The unit ships preassembled. The solenoids and diaphragm valves are integral and the solenoids are prewired to the timer, mounted below the header. The clean air plenum, tubesheet, and dirty air plenum are all assembled in one unit. The unit can be lifted off the truck and set into place, saving you at least 10-20 on-site man hours. The only operational requirement is to run 110V to the timer and compressed air to the header.


CFM: 1000 at 70˚F
Housing: 10 gauge mild steel
Tubesheet: 10 gauge mild steel
Tubesheet dim (ID): 2.73′ x 2.73′
Distance between holes: 3.75″ x 3.75″
Approximate dead load: 520 lb
Options weight: 145 lb
Fan weight: 190 lb
No. filter elements: (9) 36” pleated bags
Sq. ft. filter media: 240
Air to cloth ratio: 4.15
Can velocity: 173 fpm
Bag access: top removal
Clean air plenum access: flip-top-lid
Pleated bags: spunbond polyester, 45 pleats, snapband top, 36″ long
Instrumentation: magnehelic (optional: photohelic)
Timer: solid state with optional bagcatch grating and mating flange port door
Diaphragm valves and blow pipes: 1 inch diameter
Compressed air: less than 4.8 cu. ft. at 90 – 100 psi


  • Flip-top-lid
  • Integral diaphragm valves and solenoids
  • Solenoids prewired to the timer with Matrix wiring system
  • Tubesheet with perimeter welding
  • Flanged bottom; flanged outlet if fan option is taken
  • Preassembled
  • Lifting lugs
  • Pleated bags are installed
  • Extra wide bag spacing to help reduce can velocity

Interior: none
Exterior: SP 2 plus one coat of primer; optional enamel finish

Drawings: waived

Shipment: IN STOCK

Freight: FOB shipping point

Recommended spare parts stock:

  • Pleated bags
  • Valves
  • Valve kits