Staclean Pulse-Jet Collector

The Staclean Pulse-Jet Collector offers advanced design features to lower operating costs, facilitate maintenance, improve performance and increase the useful life of the baghouse.

Advanced Design – Direction and speed of air currents within the collector are customized to each application based on our years of experience handling the varied dust and chemical components of airstreams encountered across our marketplace. Our roots as baghouse operators before we became baghouse designers and fabricators give us greater insight into ease of operation, dependability, and maintenance. Our many years of producing and supporting our different designs in actual operation have allowed us to develop and accumulate many off-the-shelf designs to use as a starting place for your application. If you have something new and/or unusual, we love having the opportunity to expand our horizons.

Low Inlet Velocity – Staclean baghouses operate with an inlet velocity of less than 2000 FPM. This permits a greater drop-out of heavier particles, reduced fluidization in the hopper, and less abrasion on the outside of the bags.

Why is a Staclean Pulse-Jet Collector a better buy?

Reduced operating costs

This high quality collector will lower pressure drop, promote longer bag life and greater air volume, and reduce leaks, downtime, and labor costs. It will also cut down on the amount of compressed air needed to operate.

Greater operating flexibility

Our design allows quick response to changes in operating conditions and variations in production needs and accounts for human error.

Direct purchase from the manufacturer

No one stands between you and the manufacturer. Your ideas, questions, or special needs are addressed directly by the experts who fabricate your equipment. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge to take the proper action needed, while you save time and money.

Backed by outstanding service

We realize that our best recommendations come from satisfied customers; this means providing a quality product supported by quality service year after year.