Trace-It® Powder helps save time
and money

  • Pinpoints bag and seal leaks
  • Identifies bag failures early
  • Is cheaper to use and a better value
  • Weighs less than other leak detection products
  • Assures effective start-up
  • Exposes bag bleed-through
  • Provides more uniform bag coating
  • Can be easily seen under ultra-violet light

Trace-It® Powder is easy to use.

Trace-It® Powder from Staclean lets you track down troublesome baghouse leaks quickly and easily. Simply introduce Trace-It® Powder into the baghouse ductwork, run the fan for a few minutes, and inspect the clean air plenum with a black light (ultra-violet) for evidence of Trace-It® Powder.

Trace-It® Powder is cheaper to use.

Because Trace-It® Powder is lightweight and highly visible under ultraviolet light, only 1/2pound (approx. 3 cups) is needed per 1,000 sq. ft. of filter area (a 5 lb. pail covers 10,000 sq. ft. of filter media). This is about half the amount required by other less effective leak detection products. The lightweight material in our formula will provide a more even distribution over the bag surface during testing and will not absorb moisture or agglomerate.

Trace-It® Powder is the Leak Detective.

The presence of fluorescent Trace-It® Powder in the clean air plenum indicates a poor bag seal, a hole or other abnormality in a filter bag, a poor seal between a venturi and the tubesheet, or a poor weld or poor caulk seal in the baghouse itself. Usually, the presence of Trace-It Powder in the clean air plenum indicates an unacceptable air path that avoids the filter media. In some cases it may indicate bleed-through resulting from an insufficient dust cake. In all cases, Trace-It® Powder helps eliminate unexpected down time by exposing leaks early, and indicating the nature and specific location of leaks.

Instructions for use:

1. Turn off pulse system

2. Leave baghouse fan on

3. Introduce Trace-It® Powder upstream of baghouse

4. Turn off fan and check dirty side of baghouse to assure the bags are thoroughly coated

5. Check clean side of baghouse with black light

A Really Small Black Light.

Use for leak detection in dust collectors
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