our history

What Makes Us Different

Our sister company produces lightweight aggregate; therefore, the Staclean team has considerable experience in the use and operation of baghouse dust collectors. Like many companies, our baghouses were an expensive nuisance and a production bottleneck. We were constantly searching for ways to increase airflow, extend bag life, and lower pressure drop. This led to the development of an entirely new device for use in our baghouse dust collectors – the Staclean Diffuser.

Our dust collection operations improved so dramatically that we were confident other manufacturers would benefit by adding it to their baghouses. The Staclean Diffuser was patented in the U.S. and 29 other countries. Since 1980, we have been manufacturing and installing Staclean Diffusers in baghouses all over the world.

our plant

What Makes Us Special

Capitalizing on the information learned from selling Staclean Diffusers to companies needing improvement in their “problem baghouses,” Staclean made the leap into manufacturing its own “Reliable Baghouse” in the latter part of the 1980’s.

Since that time, Staclean has continuously upgraded baghouse technology and made design improvements to cement its position as the preferred option in the baghouse market.

Staclean boasts a core group of sales, production, management, and administration staff, many of whom have 20-30 years of service. Our experience helps us solve problems and execute better solutions.

Staclean’s manufacturing shop is located in East Spencer, NC, and is the center of production for Staclean Baghouses, Diffusers, and other mild and stainless steel fabricated items.

Customer service representatives at our Salisbury, NC, headquarters are trained to offer technical assistance, help identify and order replacement parts, and start the process of buying your next baghouse direct from the manufacturer. Contact us today!

our industry associations

Committed to Industry Excellence as Proud Members of ESCSI and CRMCA

Staclean takes pride in its affiliation with two esteemed industry organizations, the Expanded Shale, Clay and Slate Institute (ESCSI) and the Carolinas Ready Mix Concrete Association (CRMCA). As a leading provider of innovative dust collection solutions, Staclean has long been dedicated to promoting best practices and ensuring environmental compliance within the concrete and construction industries.

As a member of ESCSI, we actively contribute to the advancement of sustainable construction practices, leveraging expanded shale, clay, and slate materials. Simultaneously, our collaboration with CRMCA underscores our dedication to promoting the responsible and efficient use of concrete in the Carolinas region. At Staclean, we not only deliver cutting-edge dust collection solutions, but also champion industry standards and environmental sustainability through our valued associations with ESCSI and CRMCA.