Staclean is Your Single Source Supplier & Manufacturer of the Reliable Baghouse!

Directly from the manufacturer to you,
custom or off-the-shelf reliable pulse-jet baghouses
and dust collectors to fit any application

Global Baghouse Solutions with Manufacturing Capabilities from our Headquarters in North Carolina

Your baghouse can be serviced, updated, or manufactured throughout North America, and in some cases throughout the globe, using Staclean’s Smart-Parts Package.

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Technical Service

Dr. Dirt can simply answer questions or solve any issue that pertains to your dust collector and any of its components. Our knowledge is unmatched; not everyone can claim over 40 years of experience!

American Company

Staclean is a proud American company that is based in the city of Salisbury, North Carolina, and is 100% committed to manufacturing in North America to ensure quality and provide jobs that help our communities.

trace-it powder leak detector baghouse dust collector

Leak Detection

Trace-It Powder from Staclean tracks down baghouse leaks quickly and easily. The lightweight material in our formula will provide a more even distribution over the bag surface during testing and will not absorb moisture or agglomerate.

easy maintenance

Pulse-Jet Baghouses & Dust Collectors

Talking with customers about Staclean Diffusers gave us a wealth of experience in troubleshooting baghouse operations in a variety of industrial settings. We learned what makes baghouses run smoothly and efficiently, and what makes them easy to maintain. The logical next step was to design and fabricate The Reliable Baghouse.


Advanced Design Features

  • Snapband bags for simple installation
  • Bag changeouts are clean and easy
  • Low air velocity through large inlets
  • Wide bag spacing

Why Choose Our Services?

Our success at improving existing systems by installing Staclean Diffusers has given us the opportunity to examine many baghouse operations. Coupled with our own experience with baghouses, this has given us considerable insight into the design and effective operation of a variety of baghouses in a wide range of applications.

Custom features are readily available. Sized to fit your needs, Staclean constructs collectors from 500 CFM to 100,000 CFM. We can design for the most demanding environments, plus we can fit your existing space and go through your doors.

Industries Served

  • Cement
  • Concrete Products
  • Aggregates
  • Minerals and Mining
  • Industrial Processing
  • Plastics
  • Paper Products
  • Food Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Recycling
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Industrial Machinery

Technical Service & Troubleshooting

We welcome telephone consultations and offer FREE advice. Our fee-based Technical Service provides on-site evaluations and in-depth analysis.

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Quality of Service & Manufacturing

Since 1980 we have been manufacturing and installing Staclean Diffusers in baghouses all over the world. We hold patents in the United States and 29 foreign countries.