8. Simplified Couplings Pulse pipes are easily removed during a bag change

1. Staclean Diffusers Use of Staclean Diffusers, results in more complete cleaning of the filter bag from top to bottom. This establishes a lower pressure drop, adds to bag life, reduces the use of compressed air, permits greater airflow and allows greater flexibility in the operation of the baghouse.

9. Walk-In Plenum The walk-in plenum assures a tighter seal to prevent to the introduction of ambient air and moisture. This configuration also provides easier and quicker access to the baghouse interior, allows maintenance to be performed in any weather, and affords the use of Trace-It powder during daylight hours.

2. Cage Support Rolled top cages provide metal-to-metal support to prevent the disturbance of bag seals while work is being done in the clean air plenum

10. Welder Construction Heavy gauge welded steel construction extends the useful life of the Staclean baghouse, provides a more complete seal to prevent leaks, and is more easily maintained.

3. Snap-Band Bags The snap-band is the easiest, fastest, and most reliable method of effectively installing and removing bags. Furthermore, the snap-band has a proven record of providing a superior seal.

11. Header Below Valves By locating the pulse air header below the valves, condensed moisture is not introduced into the valves and pipes. A drain is provided on every header so that accumulated moisture can be removed.

4. Wide Bag Spacing Wide bag spacing reduces the upward air velocity between the bags, allowing dust to settle into the hopper. Bridging of the dust cake between the bags is minimized.

12. Walkway And Ladder Convenient access to the clean air plenum, valves and header is achieved by way of the walkway and ladder. Both meet or exceed OSHA standards

5. Unobstructed Tube Sheet The creation of a flat, unobstructed tubesheet allows the clean air plenum to be more thoroughly cleaned, thereby extending bag life and lowering emissions

13. Photohelic Cleaning pulse is determined by need. Compressed air is not wasted on unnecessary pulsing.

6. Low Inlet Velocity A Staclean baghouse has a large inlet with a solid end plate. Bag abrasion is minimized while dust fallout into the hopper is maximized.

14. Timer-Solid State Control Solid state timer controls offer digital timing circuitry, LED indicators, and a metal chassis in the appropriate NEMA box. Pulsing can be continuous or on demand

7. Hopper Port The hopper port provides easy access to the hopper interior

15. Pulse-let Design Pulse-jet design provides greater collection efficiency and is easier to operate than other types of collector systems



16. Turn-Key Installation Turn-key installation providing single source responsibility is a valued option





Advanced Design

The Staclean Pulse-Jet Collector offers advanced design features to lower operating costs, facilitate maintenance, improve performance and increase the useful life of the collector

Low Inlet Velocity

Staclean baghouses operate with an inlet velocity of less than 2000 FPM. This permits a greater drop-out of heavier particles, reduced fluidization in the hopper, and less abrasion on the outside of the bags.

Wide Bag Spacing

Unlike many baghouses that provide 2 x 2 inch spacing between bags Staclean provides 3 x 4-1/2 or 3 x 3 inch spacing to lower can velocity (air velocity between the bags), reduce bridging and re-entrainment, lower pressure drop, and add to bag life.