Use half as much

Use half as much of Staclean’s Trace-It™ Powder as compared to competitive brands and cut your cost in half.

The recommended ratio for powder is pound per 1,000 square feet of cloth in your dust collector.  The lightweight material in our formula will provide a more even distribution over the bag surface during testing and will not absorb moisture or agglomerate.


Instructions for use:

Turn off pulse system

Leave baghouse fan on

Introduce Trace-It™ Powder upstream of baghouse

Turn off fan and check dirty side of baghouse to assure the bags are thoroughly coated

Check clean side of baghouse with black light



A Really Small Black Light to use for leak detection in dust collectors.


At a REALLY SMALL price!!

We tested it and it works great!

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Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included


Trace-It Powder helps save time and money.

* Pinpoints bag and seal leaks

* Identifies bag failures early

* Is cheaper to use and a better value

* Weighs less than other leak detection products

* Assures effective start-up

* Exposes bag bleed-through

* Provides more uniform bag coating

* Can be easily seen under ultra-violet light

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Trace-It Powder is cheaper to use.

Because Trace-It Powder is lightweight and highly visible under ultraviolet light, only 1/2pound (approx. 3 cups) is needed per 1,000 square feet of filter area. This is about half the amount required by other less effective leak detection products.


Trace It Powder is easy to use.

Trace-It Powder from Staclean lets you track down troublesome baghouse leaks quickly and easily. Simply introduce Trace-It Powder into the baghouse ductwork, run the fan for a few minutes, and inspect the clean air plenum with a black light (ultra-violet) for evidence of Trace-It Powder.


Trace-It Powder is the Leak Detective.

Presence of fluorescent Trace-It Powder in the clean air plenum will indicate a poor bag seal, a hole or other abnormality in a filter bag, a poor seal between a venturi and the tubesheet, or a poor weld or poor caulk seal in the baghouse itself. Usually, the presence of Trace-It Powder in the clean air plenum indicates an unacceptable air path which avoids the filter media. In some cases it may indicate bleed-through which results from an insufficient dust cake. In all cases Trace-It Powder helps eliminate unexpected down time by exposing leaks early, and indicating the nature and specific location of leaks. Sherlock Holmes never had it so easy.


10,000 sq ft Pail

300,000 sq ft Drums





10,000 sq ft




300,000 sq ft









Electric Black Light

118V/60 cycle AC with 25 ft cord, insulated three prong plug,

17” light protected by a safety shield, 26” lamp length, 1/4” diameter/15watt bulb



Battery Black Light

Cordless with rechargeable battery.  B-160 UV lamp with adapter.




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