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Why Another Baghouse Dust Collector Design?


    As producers of lightweight aggregate, we have had considerable experience in the use and operation of dust collectors or baghouses. Like many companies our dust collectors or baghouses were an expensive nuisance and a production bottleneck. We were constantly searching for ways to increase airflow, extend bag life, and lower pressure drop. This led to the development of an entirely new device for use in our dust collectors or baghouses. Our baghouse operations improved so dramatically that we were sure other baghouse operators would benefit by adding it to their baghouses. The Staclean Diffuser was patented in the US and 29 foreign countries. Since 1980 we have been manufacturing and installing Staclean Diffusers in baghouses all over the world.

    Our success at improving existing systems by installing Staclean Diffusers gave us the opportunity to examine many bag house operations. Coupled with our own experience with baghouses, this gave us considerable insight into the design and effective operation of a variety of baghouses in a wide range of applications. The same problems were seen repeatedly: bag seal leaks, re-entrainment, short bag life, high pressure drop, inlet abrasion, blinding and plugging. Additionally, existing designs called for labor intensive bag changes and difficult maintenance. Everyone wanted a baghouse that virtually anyone could maintain. There was an obvious need for an up-to-date baghouse design addressing specific problems and utilizing the collective Knowledge gained through years of experience. Now that baghouse is available: The Staclean Pulse-jet Dust Collector Baghouse.

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