Staclean Diffusers


A Breakthrough In Baghouse Technology




The Problem:  At our sister company, where rotary kilns were producing light weight aggregate, if the baghouses were down, the plant was down.  Decreased air flow and short bag life were a constant source of frustration and a costly drain on production.

The Solution:  Creation the Staclean Diffuser!

When the patented Staclean Diffusers are placed into filter bags, air flow is dramatically increased because the filter bags are more thoroughly cleaned top to bottom during the pulse cleaning cycle.

How It Works 

Simple but effective in all types of baghouses, the Staclean Diffuser directs cleaning air more deeply and at a more even pressure throughout the filter bag, reclaiming the filter effectiveness of the entire bag with each cleaning cycle. The increased effective filter area is like adding additional bags! 


Increased filter effectiveness

*Increased air flow through the baghouse.

*Reduces the operating pressure

*Extends bag life, reducing bag changes

*Reduces down time associated with plugging and pressure drop

*Reduces the use of compressed air

*Reduces emissions

*Reduces maintenance costs

*Reduces energy cost

The Staclean Diffuser can be easily retrofitted to existing baghouses, and installed in new ones. It directs purge air throughout the bag for more complete and uniform cleaning top to bottom. Because it fits inside the bag & cage assembly, it also protects the inner bag surface from the abrasive effects of normal gas flow and pulse blasts.


Staclean Diffusers can be installed in virtually all types of baghouses.
It's a snap! 
And, the benefits are immediate! 

Budget quotes, firm prices and/or additional information:

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